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Moscow International Party! Russians & Expats

7 апреля 2017 в 23:00

Welcome everybody to our new hot event of the Month, Moscow International Party!
The time has finally come, to attend an outstanding get-together party that takes place, on Friday the 7th of April. in a fantastic venue, perfect place for a nice conversation, dinner with friends, great dancing and chill out party.
Our beautiful "Ludy Dance Family" will perform one of their dances after 23:00, while another surprise will be the "DJ" group and it is one of the famous players in Moscow.
The party is going to start at 20:30, where we'll have a huge area for our people to meet and have a nice chat together for couple of hours. The dance music will start at 23.00 and we'll dance till morning. Since we're guests in one of the best clubs in Moscow, we are kindly asking you to dress well, look smart, no sport clothes or backpacks. 
It is FREE ENTRANCE. Just don’t forget to say the password (International) that will work till 6:00 to get into the club, and also to get the bracelet (wristband) for the special discounts JUST FOR OUR PEOPLE. We advise you not be late, since generally there are lines for the entrance after 23.00-23.30.
The good news aren't over! At the entrance tell that you came for our party or say the password, you'll get a bracelet that gives right to great discount for our big group.

Don't even think to miss that party, be international, be smart, have fun the whole night!

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